GOOD WILHELM Gutscheine & Deals im März 2023

GOOD WILHELM bietet Nachhaltige Lederwaren made in Germany.


Im Online-Shop von goodwilhelm finden Sie klug durchdachte, charmant-elegante Taschen, Etuis und Accessoires aus bestem, pflanzlich gegerbtem Vachetta Leder, das wir direkt von einem traditionellen Familienbetrieb aus der Toskana beziehen.


Die Entwicklung und Produktion goodwilhelm Produkte sollen etwas nachhaltig Sinnvolles bewirken und unserer Welt guttun. Dabei sollen sie aber nicht die Welt kosten. Mit jedem GOOD WILHELM Produkt bekommen unsere Kunden ein herausragendes Werkstück in Once-in-a-Lifetime-Ästhetik, die sie nachhaltig sehen, fühlen, riechen und jeden Tag bei ihnen haben können.


GOOD WILHELM It’s actually quite simple: goodwilhelm want to do something good by making something good from really good materials. goodwilhelm products should not cost the earth. But their development, production and sale should bring about something sustainable and meaningful that is good for our world. All this with the good feeling of handing over a handmade product that will give you pleasure for a long time.


And that’s where we are – GOOD WILHELM – with the finest accessory collections that demonstrate an excellent sense of quality from the first thought to the final touch. We don’t want to waste money on unnecessary things, but rather put good money into supporting ambitious environmental projects. You think we’ve set our sights pretty high? That’s right. But you know: Nothing is good unless you do it. Let’s do good… now!


GOOD PRODUCTS: For us, a really good product becomes alive and valuable through the meaning it carries into the world. By the material from which it is made. By the hands that have shaped it. And the spirit that inspires it.


That’s why at GOOD WILHELM you’ll only find things that are much more than just a „thing“: Cleverly thought-out, charmingly elegant bags, cases and accessories made from the best, vegetable-tanned Vachetta leather, which we source directly from two traditional family businesses in Tuscany and Barcelona.


Combined with equally responsibly produced materials such as mulesing-free merino wool felt. Handmade in Germany by bag makers and fine bag makers in flawless manufactory quality. All GOOD WILHELM factories are run by master craftsmen and pay their employees fair wages.


With every GOOD WILHELM product you get an outstanding piece of work in once-in-a-lifetime aesthetics that is not stamped on afterwards – but that you can see, feel, smell and have with you every day.


Vorteile bei goodwilhelm:

  • Kompetente Fachberatung
  • Umfangreicher Service
  • Schnelle Lieferung (CO2-Neutral)
  • Beste Materialien
  • Faire Produktion
  • Ehrlicher Preis bietet kostenlos GOOD WILHELM Gutscheincodes und Deals für Ihre nächste einkaufen, um Ihnen Geld zu sparen.

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